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Singleton 12 Years old

Singleton 12 Years old

Giá: 920.000 VNĐ
Dung Tích: 700 ml
Xuất Sứ: Scotland
Dng Single malt ??ng c?p nh?t v?i thi?t k? chai ??c ?o nh?t. R??u Singleton 12 ???c thi?t k? v?i chai r??u d?t ??c ?o, l?, ?em ??n nhi?u s? tr?i nghi?m v? r??u. Hy th? th??ng th?c r??u Singleton 12.


Singleton l lo?i whisky m?ch nha ??n v?i h??ng v? ??m ?, m d?u v cn b?ng hon h?o v?i thi?t k? chai th?y tinh xanh ??c ?o theo phong cch th? k? 19. ?y l m?t th?c u?ng tinh t?, l mn qu tao nh dnh cho nh?ng ai bi?t t?n h??ng nh?ng ?i?u gi?n d? trong cu?c s?ng. Hy dnh t?ng cho chnh b?n v nh?ng ng??i thn yu mn qu tuy?t v?i ny thay cho l?i chc t?t ??p ??u n?m m?i.

Singleton of Glen Ord v?i ki?u dng chai ???c thi?t k? theo phong cch ??c tr?ng c?a th? k? 19 - chai th?y tinh xanh - v?i cc k t? trn mc chai lm cho ng??i ta ngay l?p t?c lin t??ng ??n k? nguyn c?a n .

Singleton ???c s?n xu?t b?i Glen Ord - m?t trong nh?ng nh my ch?ng c?t s?n xu?t ra lo?i whisky m?ch nha ???c qu?c t? cng nh?n v?i gi?i th??ng IWSC uy tn ( International Wine & Spirit Competition ) - Huy ch??ng vng trong 2 n?m lin ti?p dnh cho whisky m?ch nha ??n ch?t t? 15 n?m tr? ln .

The Singleton of Glendullan Scotch

New Scotch expressions are legion. But Scotch producers making it to the U.S. are pretty rare, considering this countrys love of the smoky stuff.

Glendullan distillery presents its first American offering this fall, The Singleton, a 12-year single malt that most Scotch enthusiasts will likely find perfectly pleasant, if a bit entry-level.

Produced in the crowded Speyside region, Glendullans 40-proof Singleton is a darker 12-year than most, but the taste is fairly light. Buttery smoke is first on the nose, and in the quaff. Floral notes are secondary, followed by light apple, nutty almond, and faint grassy tones. Its very approachable for a Scotch pro, but I probably wouldnt unleash it as a first-time whisky on a newcomer to the spirit. The more I drink it the more I like it, though I do prefer more honey/vanilla sweetness in my whisky.

On a secondary note: The bottle is an oblong number that resembles an (oversized) flask, a design thats really growing in popularity these days.

Not a terrible price for a Scotch that is likely to be hard to come by for the immediate future. Give it a try if youre a single malt enthusiast.

Thng tin

  N?ng ?? : 43%

  Mu n??c : Vng h? phch

  M?i : h??ng v? m?nh m? v?i h??ng c?a th?ch nam ??t , than bn kh , ph?n hoa ng?t, sp m?m v h??ng g?t nh? c?a v? cam kh . V? m?m m?i , ?i?m xuy?t h??ng c?a n?n sp th?m, hoa kh , k?o toffe tan gin v ???ng nu m??t m .

  Vm mi?ng : m?m m?i, trung tnh . Tnh cn b?ng hon h?o , v?i v? ng?t theo sau l c?m gic kh nh? .

  K?t thc : ko di v?i h??ng c?a gia v? v g?ng

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Dung Tích:700 ml
Nồng Độ:40 ??
Thng tin gi c? v mua bn r??u Singleton 15 The Singleton of Glen Ord 12yo ginh gi?i Master t?i cu?c thi Scotch Whisky Masters 2011
Giá 1.700.000 VNĐ
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Nồng Độ:40 ??
R??u Sing leton 18 dng Single malt cao c?p nh?t, mang ??n nh?ng giy pht n?ng nn m i. V?i gi ph?i ch?ng v?i m?t dng r??u Single malt, R??u Singleton bn ? H N?i qua cc ??i l Phn ph?i c?a Diageo,
Giá 2.650.000 VNĐ
Dung Tích:700 ml
Nồng Độ:43 ??
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Giá 1.200.000 VNĐ
Dung Tích:750 ml
Nồng Độ:40 ??
V?i nh?ng ng??i yu thch r??u ??c bi?t l nh?ng dng Single Malt th c l? ?y l tuy?t ph?m th?n thnh ?ang hi?n di?n t?i Vi?t Nam. Singleton 38 n?m tu?i , lo?i r??u Single Malt dng cao c?p nh?t c?a Singleton.
Giá 42.000.000 VNĐ Protection Status